Six containers of fresh chestnut were sent to the United States and the Middle East today

According to the customer’s demand, four containers of fresh chestnuts shipped to the United States were loaded from the factory and sent to Dalian port today. The US needs 23kg (50lbs), with the specifications of 60-80 grains per kilogram and 30-40 grains per kilogram.

In addition, 30 / 40 chestnuts shipped to the Middle East market are packed in 5kg gunny bags and net bags and sent to Iraq and Turkey respectively. Our company has been continuously providing high-quality chestnut products for customers for many years. China is a traditional chestnut producing country with a long history of planting. The chestnut produced is large in size and pure in taste, which is favored and loved by foreign markets.

From August every year, it is the time for China’s new season chestnuts to be harvested. At the same time, the production of export processing orders is also started. The peak delivery period of fresh chestnuts can last until December. During this period, our company has been able to provide customers with high-quality fresh chestnuts in the current season. These orders are mainly from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Iraq, Turkey, as well as Spain, the Netherlands and France in Europe.

Besides, we can also customize different packaging standards according to the requirements of customers, such as 750 grams, 500 grams and other small packaging, pallet or no pallet, completely according to customer requirements. Quality is the main concern of our company. Since this year, our company has shipped 40 containers to the Netherlands, 20 containers to the United States, and more than 10 containers shipped to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and so on.

Different specifications of chestnut products can greatly meet customers’ different requirements for frying, raw food, cooking, and various kitchen cooking purposes.


Post time: Oct-22-2020