Fresh White Garlic with SGS Certificate

Fresh White Garlic with SGS Certificate

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Fresh White Garlic with SGS Certificate
Origin Jinxiang, Shandong, China
Size 4.5cm-5.0cm, 5.0cm-5.5cm, 5.5cm-6.0cm, 6.5cm and up
Variety Pure white garlic(Super white garlic) & Normal white garlic(red garlic/purple garlic)
Supplying period(All year round) 1.Fresh season: from June to the last ten-day of August.
2.Cold storage season: from September to next May
Exporting standard and quality No root, clean, no black mound, not broken, No splits on the skin, no internal germination growth, no insects or fungous stuff.
Packing Small packing:
1) 1kg/bag, 1kg x 10 bags/ctn
2) 500g/bag, 500g x 20 bags/ctn
3) 250g/bag, 250g x 40 bags/ctn
4) 200g/bag, 200g x 50 bags/ctn
5) 2pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
6) 3pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
7) 4pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
8) 5pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
9) 1kg/bag, 5kg/mesh bag
10) 500g/bag, 5kg/mesh bag
Loose packing:
1) 4kg /mesh bag
2) 6kg/mesh bag
3) 10kg/mesh bag
4) 20kg/mesh bag
5) 10kg/ctnCustomized packing:
according to clients’ requirement
 Weight/Loading 1. 26-32 tons/40’’reefer container. (package: mesh bag)
2. 25.5 tons/40′’reefer container. (Inner packing,3pcs/net bag, outer packing:10/kg carton)
3. 27 tons/40′’reefer container. (Inner packing: in bulk, outer packing:10kg /carton)
4. 14 tons/20′’reefer container. (Mesh Bag Packing)
5. 11 tons/20′’reefer container. (Carton Packing)
Transporting and storing temperature -3 ℃ – 0 ℃
Shelf life up to 9 months under proper conditions
Certification GAP, HACCP, SGS, ISO
Supply capacity yearly 50,000 MTS
Payment terms T/T or L/C at sight
Delivery time within 7 days after receiving the L/C at sight original dcs or T/T deposit
Major Exporting Countries Our fresh garlic have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Europe, South America, Africa, Kenya, Southeast Asia, Singapore, UAE, Middle East, Russia and Many other Countries
Other products Garlic grains, garlic powder, garlic slices, ginger, potato, onion, sweet corn, dried soybean stick, carrot, apple, pear, chestnut etc.

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