Supply normal white garlic with best price

Supply normal white garlic with best price

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1) Products available: normal white garlic, pure white garlic

2)Quality standard: no root, clean, no black mould, not broken, no splits on the skin, no internal germination growth, no insects or fungous stuff.

3)Feature: Thick bright skin, whole and strong texture, plump shaped bulbs.

4)Supply period: All year round; Fresh garlic from JUN to SEP and Cold-storage garlic from OCT to next MAY.

5) Size: 4cm up/4.5cm up/5.0cm up/5.5cm up/6.0cm up


kg/5kg/7.5kg/8kg/9kg/10kg/30LB Carton or Mesh Bag

3P/4P/5P mesh bag inner packing

200g/250g/400g/500g/1kg inner packing

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