white garlic suppliers from china

white garlic suppliers from china

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Product name Chinese normal white garlic
Varieties Normal white garlic / Red garlic / Purple garlic / White garlic / Solo garlic
Pure White Garlic /Snow White Garlic/ Super White Garlic/ Chinese Garlic
Sizes 4.5-5.0cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm and up
Origin Jinxiang, Shandong
Supplying period
(All year round)
Fresh garlic: Early June to September
Cold store fresh garlic: September to the next May


Packing and Shipping

We have different sizes of packing as below:
Bulk packages: 5kg, 10kg or 20kg per mesh bag or carton
Inner packages: 1p,2p,3p,4p,5p,6p, 200g, 250g,500g, 1kg per mesh bag
If you have any other request, please reach us.
Shipping tonnage: 26-28 tons per 40’RH container
Certification GAP , HACCP , SGS,ISO
Transporting temperature -3 ℃ – 0 ℃
Shelf life 9 months under proper conditions
Supply ability 2000 tons per month
Delivery time Within 7 days after receiving the advanced payment
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