Five containers of 6.0 cm pure white 4 kg packed garlic were sent from Qingdao port to Dubai today

Near the end of the year and the arrival of Christmas, the overseas market ushered in the export peak season. Our garlic to the Middle East market basically maintained at 10 containers per week, including normal white garlic and pure white garlic, net bag packaging from 3 kg to 20 kg, and a small amount of carton packaging. Today, 5 containers of 6.0 cm pure white 4 kg packaged garlic were loaded from the factory and sent to Dubai via Qingdao port.


Recently, the stock price of garlic has been on the rise, and the market has been actively frying. In particular, the price of pure white garlic, with the same specification of 5.5cm, is much higher than that of normal white garlic per kilogram. Because pure white garlic is mainly used in the export market, the export of garlic is greatly affected. Due to the sharp rise in price, the order received by the exporter will lose money or will not dare to quote directly. In general, garlic export in 2020-21 will face more uncertainties, which will lead to more challenges.

In terms of international market, recently, a number of international special situations are still developing rapidly. With the opening of the second round of blockade policy in many countries and the closure of restaurants and other industries, garlic consumption and purchase will drop sharply. It is expected that garlic exports to Europe and other countries will have an impact. But it has little effect on the domestic garlic market in China. However, the dominant position of Chinese garlic in the national market is still difficult to shake. Its output and cold storage stock are huge, and the processing export time basically covers the whole year. However, the export of other garlic producing countries is subject to geographical restrictions (such as Egypt, France, Spain) and receiving season restrictions (such as Argentina).

Our company exports garlic to many countries and regions, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc. the overall export volume has increased compared with the same period last year.

From marketing department


Post time: Nov-02-2020