Introduction of Bulk garlic powder and Roasted Garlic Granulated

Garlic powder is the result of thoroughly dehyrdrating, then finely grinding fresh garlic cloves. It is exceptionally fine, so if you need something coarser, we also carry garlic granules, and minced garlic flakes.
It would be impossible to imagine classic Italian, Greek or Asian dishes without the flavor of garlic. Garlic powder is a wonderful substitute for fresh when the latter isn’t available, or when a slightly milder flavor is desired.
Powdered garlic is also easily blended with other dried herbs and spices, so you can make your own custom seasoning blends. Just 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder is the equivalent of a whole clove of fresh garlic.
Garlic bread Make some garlic oil and pour it onto your favorite bread dough before baking.
Garlic hummus It would be perfect for sandwiches or as a dip.
Garlic butter Soften any vegan or animal-fat based butter and mix it with 1-2 teaspoons of organic garlic powder.
Garlic sauce Combine the powder with any spices or add to your favorite sauce recipes to experiment with flavors.
Ways to Enjoy Garlic Powder
You can use Organic Garlic from LLFood to make some very tasty:
Garlic salt Just mix some powder with sea salt. However, using it instead of salt would be a more heart-friendly option as this will allow you to cut down on sodium.
In most cases, you’ll be able to substitute crushed or minced garlic in a recipe with organic garlic powder or granules. Those products have a more potent flavor, so you’ll only need to use 1/4 – 1/8 teaspoon for the same amount of fresh garlic. Organic garlic powder doesn’t go bad as long as it remains dry. Store it in the fridge, and its shelf life will be near indefinite.

Roasted Garlic Granulated | Wholesale
The flavor and aroma of roasted garlic granulated is very strong and distinct. These cloves can be used in a variety of dishes, such as meats, vegetables, and sauces. This roasted version adds a smoky flavor to dishes and really makes the garlic pop!
Roasted granules tend to have a stronger taste than garlic powder.  It goes well with just about everything, and is used widely around the world for its pungent flavor. Rubbing it on chicken before cooking will help form a crispy skin. A big advantage to using a granulated product is it can be visible in some dishes, unlike powder which will disappear. It also won’t burn as easily over a flame they way fresh garlic does.
Also try our Minced Garlic. This product is sometimes referred to as roasted granulated garlic, roasted garlic granules, or roasted dehydrated garlic.
Make sure to store in a cool, dark location for best freshness.

Post time: Mar-13-2023