New Crop Chinese Fresh Vegetables Garlic for Ecuador

New Crop Chinese Fresh Vegetables Garlic for Ecuador

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Product name Pure White Garlic /Snow White Garlic/ Super White Garlic/ Chinese Garlic
Feature Strongly spicy, milk white flesh, naturally bright color, no burnt, no mouldy, no broken, no dirt skins, no mechanical damaged, 1-1.5cm stem length, roots cleaness.
Size 4.5-5.0cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm & up.
Supplying period
(All year round)
Fresh garlic: Early June to September
Cold store fresh garlic: September to the next May
Packing  Loose packing (inner string bag)
a) 5kgs/carton, b) 10kgs/carton, c) 20kgs/carton; d) 5kgs/mesh bag, e) 10kgs/mesh bag, f) 20kgs/mesh bag
a) 1kg*10bags/carton    b) 500g*20bags/carton      c) 250g*40bags/carton
d) 1kg*10bags/mesh bag e) 500g*20bags/mesh bag   f) 250g*40bags/mesh bag
g) prepacked by 1pc/bag, 2pcs/bag, 3pcs/bag, 4pcs/bag, 5pcs/bag, 6pcs/bag, 7pcs/bag, 8pcs/bag, 9pcs/bag, 10pcs/bag, 12pcs/bag, then packed with 5 or 10kgs carton, 5 or 10kgs mesh bag outside h) packed according to clients’ requirements.
Conveyance a) Cartons: 24-27.5MT/40′ HR (If palletized: 24Mt/40′ HR)
b) Bags: 26-30Mt/40′ HR
Transporting temperature -3 ℃ – 2 ℃
Shelf life stored for up to 12 months in proper conditions
Delivery time Within 7 days after receiving the advanced payment

Henan Linglufeng Trading Co., Ltd. located in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Our company is a professional company dedicated to the domestic and foreign sales of China’s dominant agricultural and sideline products. Companies adhere to the “health first, quality priority, green ecological integrity, development” principle, based on agricultural products Chinese local advantages and characteristic industry bases, to operate the “natural, healthy, high-quality products” for the purpose, committed to providing high quality and inexpensive products for customers.

Our main products are as follows:
1. Fresh vegetables & fruits:
Fresh garlic, ginger, onion, potato, carrot, apple, pear, fresh lemon, fresh pomelo, and chestnut, etc.
2. Dehydrated vegetables:
Garlic flakes/grain/granules/powder, ginger flakes/powder
3. Other products:
High-quality dried soybean stick, dried sea kelp, dried fungus, dried mushroom, garlic in brine, sweet corn canned, IQF frozen onion, IQF frozen garlic, etc. Our products have been exported to United Kingdom, Holland, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iraq, Vietnam, South East, Middle East, Japan, Italy, central Asia, Turkey, Singapore, Korea, Russia, United States and other countries.

Insisting on innovation and promoting development, winning the market by quality, and serving the first is our constant enterprise goal.

While the company is constantly improving its own development, it is also actively seeking partners at home and abroad. Our company is willing to work together with friends from home and abroad to create the future based on the spirit of “learning and innovation, solidarity, hard service, and striving for perfection”.
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Email: [email protected]         Phone /WhatsApp: +86-13303851923

Address: No.2, Hanghai Road. Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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